Get Well Soon Gift Tags

Get Well Soon Label from

Get Well Soon Label from

Do you have a friend who is feeling under the weather? A great way to cheer them up is with a homemade food gift (like this week’s post for Turkish Lentil Soup), but don’t forget to put a smile on their face with a cute little label!

If you’re looking for a bit of help in the gift tag department, here’s a quick roundup of free and printable gift tags from some talented fellow bloggers…

The Polkadot Chair not only has a fabulous set of downloadable tags, but also some other clever ideas for gift packages:


Get Well Soon Labels by the

This is a pretty set of vintage tags from

Get Well Soon by

Get Well Soon by

If you’re extra crafty - and your food gift happens to be a soup mix - here is a “souper” idea from the Red Headed Crafter:

Get Well Souper Soon by the

Get Well Souper Soon by the

How about you? Do you have any cute and clever “Get Well Soon” sayings or quotes for people on the mend?

Happy gifting:)
~ Melissa

PS: PSST! For more ideas on creative packaging and recipes, follow me on Pinterest by clicking here!

7 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Gift Tags

  1. I love this idea, Melissa. It really is the time of year when folks are sick and need a bit of comfort. Thank you for all of the awesome links. As you know, I would love to be crafty one day… I shall take a peek at all of the blogs. You always have great ideas! - Shanna

    • Thanks Amy! Your “souper” gift tag is awesome, just like the rest of your website too! This is definitely something worth sharing, as I’m sure it will bring out lots of smiles to others (it did for me!:) )
      All the best!

  2. Such creatives ideas. wish i had your creative genes or even 1 % of it!!! i always hate to unwrap anything you put together. now neat tags as well.

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