How to Turn Recyclables into Pretty Storage Containers

Turning Recyclables into Gorgeous Storage Containers

To celebrate our lovely planet – and in honor of “Earth Day” – recycle an old canister by converting it into a gorgeous storage container for your homemade goodies!

While recently cleaning out a cupboard, an empty cocoa container caught my eye. Instead of throwing it away, I realized that I could give it a new purpose by recovering it with a pretty paper napkin and some double sided tape. After 2 minutes of minimal effort, it looked so good that I almost wondered if it even mattered what I put inside! For this project, any sort of storage container with a lid (like a coffee can or jar) could be used. And, an alternative to a paper napkin could also be scraps of fabric, origami paper to wallpaper. At the end of the day, it’s really up to you, your creative eye, and what’s kicking around your house.

I hope this little project will provide some inspiration on how to upcycle your recyclables for all of your homemade food gifts! Not only will they showcase your spectacular treats, it’s a great way to show how much you love our amazing blue and green planet.

Happy Earth Day, Friends!

Melissa 🙂

A “Recipe” for Pretty Recycled Storage Containers

Yield: 1 canister

Active Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

1 recycled container (with a lid)
double-sided tape or glue stick
scotch tape
paper napkins (or other covering of your choice)

1) Measure and cut the paper to fit the outer surface area of the container. Save any extra paper for touch-ups.

Recycled Storage Containers

2) Using doubled-sided tape or a glue stick, cover and glue the paper onto the container.

DIY Recycled Storage Containers

3) Where the seams line up, cover with a strip of scotch tape.

DIY Recycled Storage Containers

4) Cut out and glue an extra strip of paper to cover the seams.

Recycled Storage Containers

5) Admire your excellent handiwork, and serve with treats and goodies inside.

DIY Recycled Storage Containers


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